My works  are  visual presentations of  my personal

experiences  and how these experiences have marked my life.

My drawings, paintings, and three-dimensional works 

are narrative and - more often than not -

autobiographical in character.


Stylistically, my work has been inspired by a wide

variety of sources -- ancient Greek, Medieval,

Renaissance, and Modern art-- as well as by myth,

legends, symbols, and popular culture. I often use oil

painting and a long-forgotten technique dating back

to antiquity -- encaustic -- which involves mixing

pigments with beeswax.


Recently, I have started to make artist's books,

combining my love of visual art with my passion

for books and story-telling.


I have also begun to create works with which

viewers can interact not only on an emotional

and intellectual level, but on a physical level

as well (see Interchangeable Parts or a Perfect Fit).


Currently, I am working on a series called 

Cuba: Terra Incognita, related to the country of my birth.