The series Endless Impossibilities, relates to the sometimes insurmountable struggles of life. Throughout my pieces, the metaphor of the magician is paramount because we must often take on the role of the magician in order to overcome difficult trials. The Juggling Act, Pulling Rabbits Out of a Hat, Bag of Tricks, and House of Cards, suggest the magician’s feats.


The drawings and paintings in this series each have a vintage quality, evocative of 19th and early 20th century magicians and magic shows. I visited the American Museum of Magic  in Marshall, Michigan. The museum has a major collection of posters as well as all kinds of magic paraphernalia that were very inspiring. Additionally,  I have a collection of original movie posters from the 1940s-1970s, and they, like the vintage posters that advertised magic performances, informed my works.


Direct, simplified forms, bold, flat areas of color, and over-the-top theatricality are elements to which I'm drawn. By contrasting flat areas of bright color and decorative pattern, I steal a glance behind that window, reaching deep into the meaning of the magician – the supreme illusionist who can seemingly bend and shape reality, and conjure enigmatic realms.


My techniques and media range from traditional oil painting and drawing to a hot wax technique called encaustic. For most of the pieces in this series,  I chose synthetic vellum, its translucent qualities suggestive of a window through which, though light and form can be seen, their true nature remains obscured.


In Endless Impossibilities, I give voice to life’s struggles and honor the courage, strength, and perseverance that living life fully requires. However, I also acknowledge that these qualities may not be enough. Magic is also required to thrive, apart from mere survival. This is the magic inherent in both the human psyche and soul, capable of pulling out miracles just when something appears most impossible.