Night Walk II was my first artist's book. It was created for an exhibit at the Cape Cod Cultural Center entitled Mutual Muses: A Marriage of Art and Poetry. The premise of the show was that poets and artists would engage in an artistic dialogue with one another.


The participants were given a sealed envelope with an assigned work. Each poet received a photograph of an art work. Each artist received a poem. Both artist and poet were to respond in their respective medium to the other's work. In the exhibition, each piece was paired with the work that inspired it. Then, on opening night, there was a live poetry reading by the participating poets.



My piece, Night Walk II,  was inspired by and takes its name from a poem by Cape Cod writer, Lucille Burt. Her poem  is very moody and atmospheric. As I read it, it evoked in me a series of abstract images. I decided  to make an accordion-style artist book. I painted the outside with imagery inspired by the poem. On the inside, I painted the background a warm gold, and designed the text of the poem so that the type, size, and arrangement of the fonts would amplify the meaning of the words.