A Word About Cyanotypes


A photographic method pioneered in 19th century England - cyanotype -  is characterized by the rich variety of blues and wide range of graphic effects it can yield.  On the surface, it can be deceptively easy to make a print. Except for the chemicals, paper, brush, a piece of glass, and some sunshine, no special equipment is needed.


At the same time however, the technique itself can yield such striking effects that it is possible for viewers to be completely seduced by a print, despite its relative merits. So to make an original statement in cyanotype can be quite a challenge.


A number of variables can affect the quality of a print: the type of paper used, amount of cyan applied, tools chosen to apply it, length of time the cyan-coated paper is exposed to the sun, and the relative brightness of the day. Not all of these variables can be controlled, so the prints often yield an element of the unexpected.