Artist's Statement



After calling Cape Cod my home for many years, I have decided to move to Boston. While I hope to return to visit the Cape,  this will not happen for some time.


This series of prints entitled Blue on Blue, is my gesture of farewell to Cape Cod. Wanting to take a bit of the Cape with me, it is a “tangible” memory - like an old, faded photo album - of that which I love and am leaving. The plants that I have chosen to represent come from places that hold special meaning for me.


I thought it appropriate to use a photographic method pioneered in the 19th century - cyanotype -  which is characterized by the rich variety of blues and wide range of graphic effects it can yield. But while the technique dates back to the early days of photography, it was completely new to me. 


I was drawn to its effects reminiscent of the deep blue ocean and the cerulean sky that surrounds us, the soft blurriness that is suggestive of tender, faded memories, and the intrinsic sense of melancholy and mystery that it evokes.